Home Automation for Pets

    Automate feeding, water intake as well as cleaning with a variety of different accessories for both you and your pet. From smart phone controlled accessories to full time robots.

Soft Pet Beds and Houses
Soft Beds
and Houses

    The softest and coziest beds, creative castles for your cats or dogs, with material so soft that you might get one for yourself. From funny car beds to soft to touch lairs.

Cat and dog clothes
Pet Coats
and Clothes

    Dress your dogs and cats with these funny clothes. With a variety of different materials and styles to choose from, your pet will be warm in winter and cool in summer.

Pet travel
and Travel Kits

    Ease the pain of traveling and make it fun for everyone! Our products suit big dogs and small cats. Protect your car seats and forget about sticky pieces of fur everywhere.

Health and beauty
and beauty

    Taking care of your pet’s health as important as ever and with various tools from AiryPets, your cat or dog will never look better. Nail trimmers, massage brushes and more.

Train and play
and play

    A good behaving dog or cat is a reflection of the owner’s character. The faster you start, the better will be the results, so hook up with the gear from AiryPets and begin.

Order Affordable Accessories for Your Dogs, Cats and Other Pets

Here at AiryPet we strongly believe that everyone should care of their pets just like a mom or dad would take care of a baby. Our pets are truly a miracle and deserve the best they can get, from food to long walks and even longer petting.

With our affordable accessories for cats, dogs and other pets, not only will you improve the life quality for your loved one but can expect to save time that can be used for all kinds of fun activities. Pet traveling does not have to be a choir; starving your cat or a dog while you are not at home is not a good idea and therefore we offer all kinds of crazy auto feeders; your dog or cat should not sleep on hard wooden floor, why not buy a cozy car instead? Same goes for dirty beds that will be a history with our coats and other clothes. What we are saying is that AiryPets solves all kinds of problems and make petting more fun than ever!

Make petting fun again, order our accessories today!