15 Reasons Why You Should Own A Dog

#1 Dogs Can Relieve Stress

Loving Dog

Do you ever come home after a bad day and just wish something could distract you from your routine life? Dogs make for great stress reducers in a world that’s fast paced and so mentally and physically demanding. Dogs provide support almost like a best friend would because they have no choice but to listen and won’t say anything back that’s hurtful. When you’re having a bad day, there’s nothing like a puppy face that will cheer you up and make you feel more relaxed. And the best thing is you don’t have to be perfect for them to love you, just the way you are.

#2 Dogs Can Help You Get More Exercise

Owning a dog can improve your physical health as well some research shows. People might not care if they’re not getting enough exercise, but they don’t want to see their dog build up too much energy inside the house without taking them out for a walk. Even just 30 minute walks can greatly improve your health and the health of your dog. Seeing your pet wait for you by the door and looking you right in the eyes should be enough for you to get outside and go for a nice walk.

#3 Dogs Are A Total Chick Magnet

Dogs can actually improve your social life as well. Not only will walking your dog get you out of the house and encourage you to do some exercise, people often socialize at dog parks and talk about the crazy stuff that dogs do. This can open up your life to a whole new community of cool people that share your interests and it will give you a chance to meet and talk with them. And of course, people who own dogs end up being cooler in most cases.

#4 Dogs Are A Great Source Of Entertainment

Funny dog

In today’s world, we’re surrounded by so many electronic distractions that we’re beginning to form some unhealthy habits and strange forms of entertainment. Instead of wasting your time on social media or playing video games, you can play with your dog. Owning a dog seems to be one of the purest forms of entertainment that’s been around for thousands of years. These are loving creatures with their own personalities and quirks that make them unique and will keep you entertained for hours. Even something simple like watching two cute dogs interact can be rather entertaining.

#5 Dogs Teach You Responsibility

From a young age parents try to teach their kids about responsibility. Well, what better way than to get them a dog? It might be a good idea to start with something more simple like a pet goldfish, but as they get older, children will hopefully learn that owning a dog can teach them a valuable life lesson that will shape them into kind, responsible adults. Even for adults, having some rewarding responsibility in their lives or a lifelong friend will make them more compassionate.

#6 Dogs Are Great Protection

Guard dog

Dogs can be just as effective as some security systems in numerous ways. Dogs have a great sense of hearing and can detect sounds that us humans simply can’t. Your dog doesn’t even have to be scary looking either for it to protect you. Even just hearing your dog bark in the middle of the night could warn you that an intruder is coming. Dogs can recognize people’s faces and voices so if they’re unfamiliar with someone, depending on the breed of the dog, they’re growl if they suspect something is up.

#7 Bad Short Term Memory

While human friends tend to remember every little mistake you’ve made in your life or something stupid you’ve said while you were drunk, dogs neither remember nor care. This also means your dog won’t remember how you laughed at him for doing something stupid so there will be no hard feelings. As long as you remember to feed him, play with him and take him for walks, your friendship will always be there.

#8 Dogs As Dishwashers

Hungry dog

It might sound a bit gross, but hear me out on this theory, each time you finish a meal, there’s always a little bit of food left on your plate. Whether it’s spaghetti sauce, meatloaf, whatever, a dog will definitely clean that up for you before you put it in the sink. They can polish that plate for you in a matter of seconds and there will be no food that is wasted or thrown away as well.

#9 Dogs Are Experts In Reading Body Language

Dogs are great in reading your body language and they will often match your mood. They can tell from the pitch of your voice and the expression on your face whether you’re feeling blue or not. So if you start feeling a little bit down, your dog will probably give you those adorable big puppy eyes to cheer you up. And if they can tell you’re happy and have a lot of energy, they’ll probably jump on you and want to play. It’s always good to have a companion that shares a similar mood that you’re in.

#10 Dogs Are Intelligent Creatures

Smiling intelligent dog

Depending on what breed you decide to go with, intelligence will vary. But for the most part, all dogs are pretty smart animals with keen instincts. As mentioned before, they can read your facial expressions and mood but they also have a wide range of facial expressions themselves. This can be displayed for example, when they tilt their heads when they come across something unfamiliar. How many cats have you seen working for police forces or tracking down lost children with their sense of smell? That’s right, zero.

#11 Dogs Are Always There For You

Have you ever made plans with a human companion only to find out ten minutes before you go out they changed their plans? With dogs, you don’t have to really worry about it because they’re not going anywhere unless you take them. Dogs haven’t quite figured out how to use cell phones and call up the neighbors poodle to bail on you. So if you get a dog, you’ll never eat a meal on your own again and they’ll be right there by your side no matter what the situation is. Dogs are also famous for being extremely loyal so if you’re a nice owner that takes proper care of them, they will love you unconditionally and be loyal forever. That’s such a nice characteristic that many people don’t have. That’s why you can always count on your dog because he will always be there for you.

#12 Dogs Make You More Resistant To Allergies

Hugging dog

While some may be triggered by dogs for allergies, those who grew up in a house with dogs become more allergy resistant over the course of their lives. This information comes from a study a couple of years ago in the University of Cincinnati. This doesn’t just mean allergies to animals, but reactions like eczema are less likely for children who grew up with a dog. This tends to strengthen people’s immune systems. However, people who own cats have the opposite effect and they become more allergy prone. So this is another great reason why you should consider getting a dog for your family.

#13 Dogs Can Increase Your Heart Health

Many things about owning a dog seem to link to better heart health. Research shows that the exercise, the lower stress levels and just the act of petting a dog is enough to lower blood pressure. A Chinese study shows that dog owners tend to get better sleep at night and weren’t sick as often as non-dog owners. Other studies shows that dog owners have better cholesterol levels and are more likely to survive a heart attack.

#14 Dogs Can Detect Cancer

Dog cancer

You dog can really save your life some day in the future, but is it possible that they have the ability to sniff out cancer as well? Stories have emerged about a woman who had a dog that would keep licking and smelling the same lump on her body until she finally got it checked out. It turns out her dog was trying to tell her she had cancer the whole time. Some dogs are actually being trained to detect ovarian cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.

#15 Dogs Are Simply The Best Companions And Friends

Dog as best friend

After all these different things mentioned, the most important reason you should get a dog is because they make the best companions and friends out of any other pets. People can’t always be around when you need them to be because they simply have a life of their own. For dogs, you are their life; they rely on you to feed them and bathe them and they never want to leave your side. When you’re gone, they wait outside the door until you come home and can’t wait to see you once you’re back.

These are just some of the reasons why dogs are awesome! If you want to give something back to your dog, please check some of the most awesome dog clothes or sofas there are!

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15 Reasons Why You Should Own A Dog

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