30+ Hilarious Photos of Guilty Dogs That Have Been Caught Being Naughty

Everybody loves having a dog around the house and they are truly wonderful pets. You can play with them, take them for walks, and just have a great time. Dogs are very loyal and they will be your friend and companion forever. That’s why many people actually prefer dogs over cats. Ana if they’re house trained, they usually behave pretty well and don’t create problems, but sometimes, they can be a bit naughty while you’re not around and make a huge mess. Everyone who owns a dog knows that dogs sometimes just love to go through the garbage, tear up couches, make a huge mess in the yard, or destroy your favorite shoes. The funniest thing about it is the hilarious guilty face they make while they try to look casual about the mess. So it doesn’t matter how angry you are at your dog, as soon as you see that funny face, everything is forgiven. Take a look at these 30+ guilty dogs that have been caught being very naughty – their guilty faces are hilarious!

1. “I know nothing about this mess.”

I know nothing about this mess

This dog has been caught in the act and is looking very guilty. He obviously thinks avoiding eye contact is the best way to go to avoid confessing.

2. “Are you looking for this toothbrush?”

Are you looking for this toothbrush

This cute dog is not even looking that guilty, he obviously sees nothing wrong in stealing one’s toothbrush and then giving it back totally destroyed.

3. Caught in the mess

Caught in the mess

This little guy knows he’s done something wrong and the mess around him proves it. But he promises he’ll never do it again, probably.

4. “I just wanted to try on the pajamas.””

I just wanted to try on the pajamas

It’s very hard to plead innocent when the evidence of you being a naughty dog is still literally on you. I guess he wanted to wear pajamas too.

5. “A hole in the dirt? Nope, definitely wasn’t me.”

A hole in the dirt? Nope, definitely wasn’t me

This puppy is trying so hard to be cute and oblivious but his dirty snout is totally giving him away. Well, what can you do, mud is so fun!

6. “I’ll be good, I promise!”

I’ll be good, I promise

When your dog gives you this guilty look, you know he’s done something naughty. But the question is – what?

7. “It wasn’t me, the pillow simply exploded!”

It wasn’t me, the pillow simply exploded

Dogs just love messing up pillows and cushions and making a huge mess. It’s just so much fun! But what will happen when the owners come back?

8. Who’s a naughty puppy?

Who’s a naughty puppy

This incredibly cute puppy is looking sooo guilty; you can see it in his eyes. He probably wasn’t thinking about consequences when he was tearing up that newspaper.

9. Avoiding the stare of the angry owners

Avoiding the stare of the angry owners

Avoiding eye contact is one of the first signs that someone is feeling guilty. This dog is obediently staring at the mess his made, hoping that his owners will forgive him.

10. Those sunglasses don’t look right

Those sunglasses don’t look right

So this is what happens when you leave your dog alone with your glasses. Those are definitely unusable now, but this dog doesn’t seem to regret it.

11. “It was worth it.”

It was worth it

Tearing up the cushions and rolling around in the feathers is immensely fun and this happy dog doesn’t regret it at all! He looks so cute that anybody would forgive him.

12. “I thought there was pizza inside.”

I thought there was pizza inside

This guilty dog tore up the pizza boxes after he found they were empty. Now, after he got caught, he looks very guilty and knows he’s made a huge mess.

13. “I have no idea how this happened.”

I have no idea how this happened

This dog just wanted to play with some dirty and have some fun, but his owners caught him in the act and now he’s looking very guilty.

14. Caught in the dirt”

Caught in the dirt

Dog just love digging up holes in the garden but when the owners catch them in the act, they try to act innocent. But those dirty little snouts always give them away and they look so hilarious when trying to act casual about it.

15. “It wasn’t me.”

It wasnt me

Dogs love going through the trash and just sticking their head in, but problems arise when it’s time to get out of the trash. This poor dog got the trash bin lid stuck on his head and it makes it very obvious to the owners who made a mess.

16. “I was just about to clean it all up!”

I was just about to clean it all up

This is the proof that small dogs can also make a big mess.

17. War against toilet paper”

War against toilet paper

This dog really doesn’t like toilet paper and it’s determined to tear it up in pieces. Luckily, his owners stopped him before he got to every roll.

18. “I didn’t mean to do it!”

I didn’t mean to do it

This scared dog tore up a fluffy toy and now he looks very guilty. He looks as though he’s really sorry that he did it or he’s sorry that he got caught.

19. Tasty yoghurt

Tasty yoghurt

This guilty dog wanted to be just like his human owners and enjoy some healthy yoghurt, but they weren’t that happy when they found him with a white snout next to a yoghurt cup.

20. “I wanted to remodel the house for you!”

I wanted to remodel the house for you

This dog really made huge mess; he actually tore up the doors! It’s amazing how he even did that. He probably wants to be a construction worker since he’s standing proudly next to his work.

21. Is it snowing?

Is it snowing

This guilty dog maybe wanted it to snow outside so he made his own snow. I bet his owners weren’t happy about this white, fluffy mess.

22. Fighting the couch

Fighting the couch

There’s something about couches and cushions that just drives dogs wild. This dog tore up the whole thing and now he’s showing how guilty he is.

23. “Killed Yoda I did.”

Killed Yoda I did

A little accident happened when this dog decided to play with Yoda. The force was definitely with him.

24. Hoarding


His hilarious guilty face reveals right away that this dog has been very, very naughty. I guess dogs can be hoarders as well.

25. “I’m not even sorry.”

I’m not even sorry

This cool Dalmatian is not even bothered by the mess he’s made and doesn’t feel guilty at all. This is how a badass dog looks like.

26. “He did it!”

He did it

These scared dogs have guilt written on their faces. They’ve definitely done something wrong, but the question is – what?

27. Hiding under the bed

Hiding under the bed

Chewing of the cables is not very nice or safe to do so this guilty dog tried to hide under the bed to get away from his disappointed owners.

28. Who is the guilty one?

Who is the guilty one

When you have two dogs, it’s actually pretty easy to determine which one is guilty. Their faces say everything!

29. Running straight into the wall

Running straight into the wall

This poor dog ran straight into the wall and now there’s a hole there. Hopefully the owners weren’t that mad and he didn’t hurt his snout.

30. “I know nothing about that.”

I know nothing about that

This dog didn’t really make a huge mass, but his face expressions are just hilarious. He’s trying so hard to look casual, but the bottom photo totally gives him away.

31. ‘Playing’ with the cat

Playing’ with the cat

This dog gets a little bit overexcited so he humps the cat. But we forgive him because he looks like he’s really sorry and the cat is giving him an angry look and probably plotting revenge.

32. Alcoholic dog?

Alcoholic dog

This dog either accidentally broke a bottle of wine or really wanted it to break so that he could lick the delicious drink. Well, they do say a glass of red wine a day is good for your health.

33. Guilty and ashamed.

Guilty and ashamed

These two dogs can’t even face their owners and instead they’re trying to hide or simply look away.

34. Caught inside the fridge

Caught inside the fridge

This guilty dog somehow managed to get into the fridge and rummage around for some food. His face when the owners caught him still inside the fridge is priceless!

35. Trying on some underwear

Trying on some underwear

This dog got caught playing with underwear and he actually looks pretty satisfied and not guilty about it.

36. Red lipstick

Red lipstick

This cute dog is so obviously guilty that it’s hilarious! He has definitely been playing around with a red lipstick although he’s trying to look casual. His red snout and paws tell the whole story and make him so guilty.

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30+ Hilarious Photos of Guilty Dogs That Have Been Caught Being Naughty

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