How to Prepare Your Family and Your Other Pets for a New Dog?

Preparing your family or roommates for a new dog, especially a puppy can throw everybody off. Start preparing yourself mentally for a potentially challenging few months. Your puppy has a lot to learn and your life will definitely change. It is critical that everybody is on the same page when it comes to interacting with the dog.

Choosing the Lead Trainer

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It is very important to choose a lead trainer in the family to avoid confusion for the dog. Parents of young children are usually tempted to delegate this job to the kids, however, it should be you because teaching the dog effectively does requires maturity and life experience that many young kids don’t just have yet. As the main trainer gets the feel of how to interact with the dog, they in turn can teach other members of the household how to connect with the dog a little bit more consistently. If you do decide to have two lead trainers in the house, it’s imperative that you’re both very consistent. For example, one person tolerates exuberant bed jumping or begging while the other wants these behaviors prohibited. You should have a conversation really early on as to what will be acceptable and what won’t be and this, of course, varies from family to family.

Introducing Your Dog To Your Family And Friends

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At first, it’s expected that young children will be super excited and really eager to interact with the new dog. Your job as the main trainer is to make this a positive experience for your dog and also make sure that you have a leash on your dog when meeting your kids first. In order to make sure that those first few introductions between your kids and the new dog go really well, have your child toss treats towards your dog and encourage the dog to come to your child rather to have your child approach the dog. Teach your kids to be gentle, let them know about respecting dog’s space (and dog’s bed), especially when the dog is eating because many new dogs might be protective of their food. Never leave a young child unattended with the dog either.

Introducing Your Dog To Other Pets In The Household

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When introducing your new dog to other pets, keep those interactions really controlled and really brief because all of the animals in the house need the time to adjust to one another. If you already have a dog, introducing a new dog to the household should be a very gentle process and you should be very careful. The biggest thing you can do to throw a dog off is to change their environment or change a main variable in their environment. There’s obviously a lot of variables when introducing two dogs and every situation is unique.  But there are some general guidelines you should follow to ensure a smooth transition.

Ideally, it’s best that when you screen any new potential dogs to make sure they’re generally good with other dogs. But even if you do this, it’s no guarantee that they will get along with your dog. Dogs usually have a lot of energy and it can be very risky introducing two dogs that have a lot of energy and that have not been exercised. First, you should get them comfortable just being around each other in an area that neither one really identifies as their house, so for example, a walk. Then you want to encourage some minimal interaction, maybe after the walk is over and then finally get them comfortable with each other inside the house. If you have one dog trying to get at the other and they’re really excited and want to play, that probably means that they’re not thoroughly exercised so you should take a step back and get the more energetic dog tired before interaction with the other dog.

After you walk the dogs together, you can get them both off leash in the yard. Having dogs off leash in this situation can actually make things better because they won’t feel restrained and they can interact more naturally with one another. It’s worth noting that when you introduce dogs to each other that you pick up all the toys, all the things that one dog is likely to be more possessive over so you can avoid that conflict from the beginning. So we can conclude that introducing your new puppy or dog to your family or other pets is a very delicate process and if you’re not sure how to do it, you can always get professional help, and if you need dog accessories, clothes and more, check our dog owner’s store.

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How to Prepare Your Family and Your Other Pets for a New Dog?

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