How to Train Your Dog to Bark Less At Night?

How to Train Your Dog to Bark Less At Night?

If your dog is very generally energetic and goes bonkers every time there’s a knock at the door, you should read this article and find out great ways how you can calm your dog down and make him bark less. The thing about unwanted, excessive barking is that it can be really difficult to communicate with your dog when they’re in that super exciting frame of mind. That’s why it’s important to use great treats. You should have treats that keep well at room temperature ready and available throughout your house so that you can be ready to jump into a spontaneous training session any time. Also, using a couple of different types of treats will be more effective than using just one type of treat. That’s because when dogs are randomly reinforced with different rewards, they’re usually more focused on learning so that should give you an advantage. There are two main exercises that you can do. The first one will show you what to do to get your dog to stop barking when you’re caught off guard by someone coming to your door. And the second exercise will show you how to prevent your dog to bark excessively in the first place.

Why Do Dogs Bark?

Often, when we understand why our dog is barking, it will put us in a better position to come up with a game plan. In most cases, something has simply caught the attention of your dog and they’re reacting to it. While there will be time when you need to ask your dog to stop barking when someone comes to your door, do your best not to wait until someone is actually knocking on your door to teach your dog. When you’re trying to get to the door while your dog is barking, you’re likely rushing and your attention is divided, both of those things are not good for effective teaching.

How To Get Your Dog To Stop Barking When Someone’s At The Door?

You can do this exercise by having a member of your family knock on your door. Your dog will obviously get excited and start barking. What you want to do is get the attention of your dog and show it the behavior that you want. You should have treats in place so you can easily get to them and use them to get your dog’s attention on you. Ask them to sit and then give them a treat. In this way, you’re showing your dog what you do prefer instead of the things that you don’t like. If your dog was so excited by the knocking at the door that you couldn’t get their attention on you with a treat at all, that means that you need to get a little bit farther away from the door and then ask them to sit. In other words, that farther away that you are from the thing that’s setting your dog off, the easier it will be to communicate with them in most circumstances. So this is what you would do when unwanted barking like this catches you off guard, but this still has you on defense. It much more important to be proactive and prepare your dog for how you expect them to behave themselves.

How To Get Excessive Barking Under Control?

Get a member of your household to knock on the door just once this time and get the attention of your dog with a treat before it had the chance to bark. This probably won’t work the first time and you might need to repeat this exercise a couple of times. It’s important that your dog understands and learns that it shouldn’t start to bark when there’s a knock on the door and that it will get a reward for that good behavior.


Dogs are very energetic and curious creatures that love to bark at many things. When that barking becomes excessive, it can be a huge problem. Using these exercises, you can train your dog not bark and keep the attention on you. Although these exercises teach the dog not to bark when someone’s at the door, you can use this in pretty much any situation that sets your dog off. If your dog always barks at the postman, or another dog, or other animals, you can use the same technique to teach your dog not to bark in these situations.

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How to Train Your Dog to Bark Less At Night?

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