How To Trim Cat’s Claws?

Why Do Cats Have Claws?

Cat Nails

In this article you’re going to learn how to trim your cat’s nails. Nail trimming is an important part of grooming and caring for your cat. Cats need healthy nails in order to climb and scratch. It’s important to know that your cat nails are always growing. Some nails may actually grow too long and create a problem. For example, indoor cats playing on the carpet can catch their nail and tear it resulting in bleeding or possibly injuring the actual toe. Infections can also happen on one or more toes. And that happens because the nails grow so long they grew into the pad and create an infection. These can be very painful or possibly require medication such as antibiotics to heal. You can help avoid these types of problems by learning a safe and proper way to trim your cat’s nails. On average, you should trim your cat’s nails every 2 or 4 weeks, depending on the cat. And you should check the length of your cat’s nails often to keep track of them.

Step By Step Instructions

To trim your cat’s nails or claws, you need nail trimmers and a cat, of course. There are many types of nail trimmers, large and small. It is also a good idea to have styptic powder in case you accidentally cut the nail too short and make it bleed. Once you have your supplies, you’ll want to find a comfortable place for you and your cat. Getting your cat used to having its feet handled will make the procedure easier for both of you. Also, having a friend or family member assist you in holding is always helpful. Some cats may need to be wrapped in a towel or a small blanket to keep them calm and relaxed and prevent moving.

Gently hold your cat in a lying position, make sure your cat is calm and it doesn’t struggle in the position. You want it to be as relaxed as possible to avoid any injuries for you or the cat. Take your cat’s paw in one hand, push on the back of the paw and that makes the claw pop out. That is the easiest way to expose your cat’s claws. The base of the nail is called the quick and contains blood vessels and nerves. Cutting into this area is painful and can cause bleeding. For these reasons, you want to avoid this area.
Once you’ve identified the proper place to trim, it is easy. Simply cut the tips of the claws, being careful where you trim and holding your cat in place. For those of you who only have human nail clippers, you need to turn it sideways to fit the nail, otherwise you’ll split the nail and that’s not good. So be very careful if you’re using regular nail clippers. After the nail is trimmed, you should use a small nail file to smooth the edges.

Making Sure Your Cat Is Comfortable

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During the whole process, make sure to praise the cat or give a small treat to help create a positive experience. It’s very important that your cat gets used to nail trimming as soon as possible because you need to create a regular routine for nail cutting. If your cat is very nervous or scared of nail trimming, use different strategies to try to calm it down. You should never force nail trimming on your cat because that can create a bad experience for you and your cat. First of all, you can injure your cat or your cat can injure you because it’s scared. Another thing is that you’re creating a very bad nail trimming experience for your cat and there’s a small possibility that your cat will want to do it ever again. To prepare your cat for nail trimming, you can try to cuddle first, pet the cat and touch the paws gently to get it used to the touch. That really helps the cat to not feel threatened or scared while you’re trimming the claws.

To get your cat used to having its paws handled before you actually trim the nails, try pressing on the paw and exposing one nail and giving it a treat. Do this over a period of time and your cat should be used to having its claws exposed and that will make the trimming a lot easier.
If you still don’t succeed with trimming your cat’s nails and your cat is simply not cooperating, you can always have it done by a professional who has a lot of experience and knows how to properly do it.

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How To Trim Cat’s Claws?

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